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Help Out SBTB: Now!

I posted this at the SBTB: Now forum

I can say with confidence that SBTB has some of the most creative and
interesting fans and right now we need some of you guys to help us
out. Barb, Me and Erika love this forum and our fansites. The problem
is we are all so busy with work and school that sometimes it can get
really overwhelming maintaining our SBTB dedications. With this new
merge it is a chance for us to start fresh and new. I know for me
personally, I started The Max as a dedication to Bell but I maintain
it as a dedication to you guys. Feedback is always welcome and alot
of you have had some really great ideas. The positive e-mails always
brighten my day and I`m sure they brighten Erika and Barb`s as well
so keep em coming.

We promise you that we are all working, in our own way, on the
website. We still have to decide on a few things but it is coming
together. I know you want to see it sometime soon but like I said we
are all really busy but it can definitly come together sooner with
some help. The following sorta a wish list of things we would love to
have donated.

--Send 2
--SBTB Corner

Videos - (small clips or music videos) Upload them yourself to and send the address to the video to Barb.

and for the super creative genius who can create this kind of thing...

Layouts for LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace and Blogger

As an avid Blogger I would love to see some SBTB layouts out there.

--Send 2
--The Max

Fan Fictions

Fan Stories and Photos
I`m looking for stories on meeting cast members, autographs you got
in the mail, what sbtb means to you, your favorite sbtb memory and
any photos you may have of you and a cast member or just any photo
SBTB fan related.

Episode Descriptions
There are a TON of episodes and I would LOVE to have each and every
one with a description. I`ll make a list of all of the episodes and
(hopefully) as submissions come in highlight the episodes described
so that you can know what to submit.

Screen Caps
I am looking for Screen Caps pertaining to Good Morning Miss Bliss,
The New Class and any rare interviews you may have recorded on VHS.

Book Reviews
If you are an avid reader with an opinion I`d love to post your
opinion on the SBTB book series. My goal is to have a description and
review of all of the SBTB books.

Movie Reviews
I`d also like to post reviews on the wedding and hawaii vacation

Any articles from the past would be awesome. The present is always
welcome too of course.

--Send 2
--SBTB Now

Any latest news, photos, or anything pertaining to the cast as of
today. Erika deals with SBTB but if you have heard of some news
pertaining to The New Class that would be cool too. Just send it to
me ( instead.

Dutch fans, don`t worry. Your not forgotten. You can send submissions
in Dutch as well.

No one has to worry about credit. Major thank you`s and your name in
bold for anyone who contributes.
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